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Car Insurance at a Lower Price

Moylan’s Insurance Underwriters is one of the most experienced and reputable General Agencies in Guam and Micronesia. We are pleased to explain the automobile insurance coverage to our customers.

The Guam Automobile Insurance Application must be completed before your rate can be determined and before your insurance policy can be issued. Kelley Blue Book is used to determine the value of your vehicle.

hand putting key in car door

We Give Discounts For

  1. Multi-Car Discount – If you insure two or more vehicles with the same insurance carrier, you will be entitled to a maximum 10% discount.
  2. No Claims Bonus – If you have not had an accident or can produce a No Claim Certificate from your previous insurance carrier to prove that no claim has ever been filed under your policy, you are entitled to the following discounts:
    • 10% Discount if no claim in 1st year
    • 15% Discount if no claim in 2nd year
    • 20% Discount if no claim in 3rd year

    (A new driver is not entitled to a No Claim Bonus until a year is completed without a claim under his or her policy.)

  3. Driver Training Certificate – 5% discount.
  4. Anti Car-Theft Device – Flat rate discount of $25.00 on the Comprehensive Coverage annual for vehicles provided with an approved Theft Alarm Device.
pen laying on car insurance registration form

Send Forms Through Email or Fax

If you are going to send form through email:

  • Save the file after filling up the form.
  • Create new email and attach the saved file.
  • Send it to our email. Refer to the contact page for the email address.

If you are going to send a form through fax:

  • Save the file after filling up the form.
  • Print out the form after filling it up.
  • Send it to our fax. Refer to the contact page for the fax no.

You may also send us the form through mail or simply drop by to any of our branch, and ask for assistance from our staff.

Download and Fill-up the Application Form Below

We recommend you use Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional for these pdf files.

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