Benefit Plan Summaries

All NetCare PPO plans share the same large provider network, meaning you have the Freedom to choose your physician and get the great coverage no matter which benefit plan you enroll under.

Please take a moment to review the benefit plan summaries and services NetCare offers to you to improve your health and lead a better life.

  • No Co-payment under the PPO/POS plans for wellness and preventative benefits; $10 co-payment under the High Deductible Plans.
  • Fixed co-payments for outpatient services of $10 for primary care and $25 for specialist care under the PPO/POS Plans; co-insurance of 20% under the Deductible Plans
  • Fixed co-payment for inpatient hospitalization under the POS Plans; Co-insurance of 20% for inpatient hospitalization under the PPO Plans
  • Fixed co-payments for prescription drugs under the PPO plans; and co-insurance under the High Deductible Plans
  • Choose from a large network of providers on-island and off-island

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